Can a crown be fitted immediately after the placement of a dental implant?

One of the most asked question that I get is whether an implant can be placed and fitted with a crown immediately (or at least a temporary crown). This is especially important to patients, which have lost a tooth in the esthetic zone or the visible smile line.

A very legit question, although most of you probably get a very vague answer on this question. Well, truth be told, there is no simple “yes or no” answer to this. The first question that needs to be answered is whether this is to be done immediately after an extraction (i.e. extract the original broken tooth, place a dental implant and then connect a crown to the implant right away), or at a delayed stage, when the extraction site is already healed up.

In the delayed scenario, the chances are usually much better for that, because we can usually achieve good initial stabilization of the implant due to the better quantity and quality of bone (this usually pertains to teeth in the esthetic or visible smile zone anyways).

In the immediate scenario, the chances are often reduced, due to discrepancies between the geometry of the implant and the remaining tooth socket, the need for grafting and poor implant stability. Unfortunately this is the scenario, where we need to take advantage of this treatment modality the most, because it would facilitate the bone and gum tissue maintenance.

So, in summary, if the implant is stable enough at the time of placement, whether it is right after the extraction of the original tooth or not, and the patient does not have excessive clenching and grinding habits, an immediate crown or temporary crown can usually be placed. To see a series of images of an immediate temporary placed on a dental implant which was placed at the same time, follow the following link: Placement of a dental implant and immediate temporary crown.
or for the PDF version in form of a slide presentation, go to the PDF file: Placement of a dental implant and immediate temporary crown. (This is a 40Mb download, however).

Lastly, you can also connect to my website Robert Gougaloff and go to the “Slide and Photo Center” page to get the PowerPoint presentations.


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