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Robert Gougaloff DMD
Robert Gougaloff DMD

It is always very hard to talk about myself, but what I can say for myself is that I am an experienced dental professional, specializing in the field of Implant Dentistry and Laser Dentistry. After many years of training and expertise, I can also claim that I have extensive knowledge in all surgical aspects of Implant Dentistry, including associated grafting procedures, as well as the prosthetic re-construction of dental implants. In addition, after sacrificing many valuable weekend hours, I can also support the fact that I have gained considerable knowledge of Oral Laser Surgery, Laser Therapy, Neuromuscular Dentistry, as well as surgical and therapeutic applications of lasers in dentistry. In the past I have gained extensive teaching experience at a university and private level. By default I am also a published author who has assisted and approved many research projects required of residents at the university level. I was also told that I have good communication and cross-cultural skills, speaking two languages fluently.

I, Robert Gougaloff am currently owner and president of Gemini Dental Enterprises, Inc. A corporation serving as a contracting platform for various healthcare related activities. Prior to establishing Gemini Dental Enterprises, Inc., I worked in a variety of management and individual contributor positions at companies and establishments including Loma Linda University, Turnbull, Cardona & Gougaloff as well as the University of Southern California. I am currently working as an independent contractor at Redondo Beach Dental Group and as a clinical and research advisor to USA Laser Biotech, Inc.

I am proud to say that I am a graduate of UCLA, who earned his Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences. On a side note, I also earned my Doctorate in Dentistry from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. At that time I was on a roll, so I continued my educational quest and completed a three-year full-time Residency at Loma Linda University at the Center for Oral Implantology, earning a certificate specialty degree in Oral Implantology. Since I had virtually no social life at that time, I also obtained a specialty certification in Microsurgery. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I also got into some General Anesthesia training and obtained a certificate in IV sedation at Loma Linda University. But I did not stop there: Later on in life, I thought that I have always treated lasers unfairly, and consequently was fortunate to learn more about them and eventually obtained some sort of certification for Laser Surgery for Oral Applications. That’s it…well at least until the next new thing comes along.

I, Robert Gougaloff am also a published author and enjoy lecturing at academies and professional meetings. I also pledge to remain active in research furthering the sciences of Implant Dentistry and Laser Dentistry to the best of my abilities.

I was born in Berlin, Germany (52° 32′ 08.42″N, 13° 09’20.28″E), where I completed my High School (Kant Gymnasium) and then moved to Los Angeles to start my college education at UCLA. Today I enjoy being a father of two children. In my spare time I enjoy Parenting, Sailing, SCUBA diving (well actually all sorts of water activities), Traveling and the Great Outdoors (as long as there are not too many bugs around).

Others described me as…

“A clinician and researcher that is never comfortable unless he delivers ultimate quality to his patients or pushes the envelope in the research and development of advanced dental concepts.”

“A great friend to have around. Never afraid to help out”

“A great chef, who makes a Spaghetti dish to die for”

“A man who knows how to keep a foredeck clean and run great spin sets”

“Some dude I met on the boat to Ensenada”

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